Dyanna Wyndesong [Lady Dyanna] is an intuitive reader, pastoral counselor and spiritual life coach, specializing in twin soul relationships and soul mate relationships. She is a teacher of metaphysics, magic, spiritual and psychic development, Dyanna has over 20 years of experience in spiritual guidance, relationship guidance, guiding twin soul relationships to fruition and guidance in maintaining your relationship. She also does tarot readings, intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching and energy and light healing.

Dyanna Wyndesong received a PhD in Metaphysical Science and certificates in Pastoral Counseling and Holistic Life Coaching. Her experience in magic, psychic development and spirituality began at a very young age under the tutelage of her Cherokee grandmother and her mother, both of whom were skilled in the magick, psychic, and spiritual  fields.

Her time is shared between her counseling, writing and her online businesses. When time permits she enjoys reading,  gardening, walking, decorating, cooking and playing with her 5 cats and her Husky/Malamute  who is not sure whether it is a cat or a dog.  Among her hobbies is an avid interest in aromatherapy and working with herbs, some of which she grows in her own garden and essential oils to come up with unique blends that are designed to work with a person’s energy and their particular requirements.
Dyanna Wyndesong is the mother of 3 children and the grandmother of 4.

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