Developing Intuition

Developing Intuition



Intuition is an inner knowingness of things without reason or logic. It is the basis of all psychic information. Intuition is that hunch or that gut feeling that you just know something is going to happen, bad or good, without any particular reason. It’s just a feeling that happens to you. It’s also being able to tune into another persons energies, thoughts or feelings … and being able detect how they are feeling …

One of the most important elements of developing intuition is awareness.

How can you possibly tune into these invisible frequencies if you are not in touch with the more visible slower frequencies that exist all around you? It’s important that you really get to know your body for these kinds of exercises. Your body is a receptacle for receiving information … whether it’s through physical sensations, your thoughts, or your emotions or what you see and hear around you … if you are not in touch with what is normal for you, it’s going to be difficult for you to recognize when you are receiving signs or being given some kind of information.

So, when I say aware, I mean … really begin to pay attention to what is going on in your body, particularly in the chakra areas … these will be clues for you that something is happening … Pay attention to how you are feeling … notice how you feel when you enter a room or someone’s home, or a building … do you get a different feeling about one place or another? Same thing with people … begin to become so curious about people … notice things about them that you would not ordinarily notice … look into their eyes … notice their voice … see if you can detect what their mood is without asking them … and then once you feel like you are getting good at that … validate your experience, by asking them, “are you feeling this particular way right now?”

You may want to choose several close friends that you trust won’t feel weird about psychic phenomenon and practice tuning in to their energy in this same way … You can do it face to face, over the phone, or even remotely … but if you do it remotely, you may want to let them know about it ahead of time that you’ll be doing some work on them at a certain time on a certain day … and don’t let them know the exact time, but at least the day … and then to get the validation ask them if they thought about you at a particular time and see if they picked up your signals …

So, once again, the key here is awareness …

Another thing to become aware of is auras … An Aura is a field of energy … and if you pay close attention, you can see the field of energy around most people and things … So, you can practice this by even looking at your own hands, allowing your eyes to get a little blurry, which is sort of a trance hypnotic state and then you may notice an outline of maybe white or another color around your hands … you can also see this around your animals if you have any, or plants, other people, objects in nature, or even the furniture in your house …

You’ll notice that not only can you see this energy, but you can feel it too … If you take your hands for example, and hold them close together about one inch apart, you will feel a warmth emanating from your hands … and if you slowly pull them further and further apart you can see or feel this energy as far as two feet apart … That is because the energy within our body does not stop at our skin, where we can see with the naked eye … this energy surrounds our bodies for quite a ways beyond what we can see … and you can even tune into this energy and begin to see the energy … and while the energy does fade out at a certain point … it really doesn’t come to a distinct end … meaning, that our energy is commingling with the energy in the atmosphere and every person with whom we encounter … And so at this level … the atomic level, we are virtually all connected … so, it stands to reason why we really can intuitively feel another persons feelings, and even tune into the thoughts that they have … we influence people with our thoughts and with our feelings …

Becoming more perceptive to all the things that exist in your awareness and then going beyond that is what becoming intuitive is all about …

Of course keeping an open mind is equally important … when you first begin developing intuition, you may wonder, “Am I just making it up?” or chalk up your experiences to your imagination. One of the most important things to understand here is that just because a thing is in the imagination does not mean that it does not exist.

This thing called imagination seems to get a bad rap, especially in your formative years as a child, in hearing such things as, “Oh, it was only your imagination.” It’s interesting to notice though, how as a child gets older they seem to become ashamed of using their imagination and it eventually it ceases all together. On the other hand, every great discovery that has ever been created was created first in the imagination … And I’ll quote Einstein, who said: “Imagination is more important than Knowledge.”

So, do not discount this powerful resource of information, your imagination is a big key to your success in your psychic work … eventually, you will be able to trust the instincts that come from your imagination … you will be able to validate your experiences … and ultimately your imagination will work for you the way it did when you were a child and you will be more available to these experiences

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