Release the Fear and Live your Life

Release the Fear and Live your Life

We live in a world full of fear. That said, we also live in a world full of illusions, lies and untruths, for that is fear in its real form or true form or true self, as it were. So then why do we pay so much attention to fear?

When you understand and are aware that fears are simply illusions and untruths, it should be easier to overcome the fears. You may have spent your entire life to date, in fear – fear in all its guises can manifest as procrastination, laziness, anger, hate, pessimism, control, worry, doubts, complacency, impatience and impulsiveness, to name but a few. So if any of these states of being have been present in your life, chances are you have been fearful of something or another. Even when things have gone right in your life, you may have doubted their existence or your progress, slamming you right back into fear mode again.

Let’s take for instance the “control freak”. We’ve all experienced one, some or many of those in our lifetime. Without wanting to offend anyone who reads this, you may even be a control freak yourself. Or perhaps you are in denial. See, fear has us constantly in denial. In denial that we have fears in the first place. Take the control freak for instance – what’s the deal with wanting to take control all the time? If you don’t take control, you fear that someone else will control you. However, the joke’s on the “control freak”, for something is controlling them – that is something big, bad and ugly – fear itself. “Control freaks” rather are in a perpetual state of fear. Not conducive to any life or to having a life at all.

So how do we overcome the fears? Firstly, acknowledge that you have fears – don’t be in denial because all you are doing in that state is being a slave to your fears. Secondly, be aware and accept that all fears are illusions – none of it is real, none of it is true and most importantly, none of it belongs to your inner being. Thirdly, if something comes up – be it a thought, thought form, idea, ideal, belief or belief system – recognise that it doesn’t belong to you so ignore it – let it go, for it’s just BS. Understand that nothing that comes at you in the form of a thought, thought form, idea, ideal, belief or belief system belongs to you. This may not be easy at first, because your mind has been so attuned to following this stream of BS for years, and may prick up its ears at any point and want to react or respond. But you have to become your own BS detector – so come at it from a place of knowing and being aware that that is all it is – BS in all its entirety.

Be aware and understand that if you do focus on any of the external – the thoughts, thought forms, ideas, ideals, beliefs or belief systems – it’s going to play into any fears that you may have. The BS exists for one reason and for one reason only, and that is to keep you in fear. If you are fearless – the natural state of your inner being – then that chaotic noise becomes redundant. You will still be aware of the chaos and you will still hear the noise – it’s not going to go away just because you manifest your Soul – but it will become “background noise” instead, as opposed to being up in your face and having chaos’s desired effect on you. Your inner being has far greater control over chaos than when you are in a state of fear.

So if you start focusing on a thought and start rolling with it, stop yourself and bring yourself to the awareness that none of what you are choosing to listen to is true or real, and neither is any of it coming from your inner being. You may have to do this often as you choose to focus on the BS. You will even become aware of how fear affects you physically. You may flinch, your gut may tighten, you may feel a tightening in your chest, or you may feel short of breath – these are all effects fear has on the body. If and when that happens, take a deep breath and remind yourself that all that you are experiencing is not real, it is just fears – fears are illusions and they do not belong to your inner being. This will bring you back into the present with your inner being back in control of the situation. And if you are reading this and “thinking” that’s easier said than done, be aware of what you just did – you allowed a fear to undermine you. Recognise that that thought was BS and it was intending to keep you in fear and take you away from what your inner being requires of you.

The more you recognise and acknowledge that all fears are not real, the fears themselves lose their power and hold over you, and start to subside and vanish altogether. If you are being a stubborn old pain in the ass for your inner being, chances are you are still trying to take control and the reason being, because you are full of fear. Confronting your fears means you are going to have to take a good, long hard look at yourself. Not the easiest task for some. But be honest with yourself – acknowledging that you are attempting to take control from your inner being or Soul and that you have fears, goes a long way to overcoming the fears in the first place, allowing yourself to just be and giving your Soul complete control.

Don’t be in denial about your fears, don’t try to brush them aside, don’t try to battle them either – recognise them for what they are and just let them go. You will notice that many fears will come up at different points in the day – and that’s ok – when they do show up, acknowledge them for what they truly are and let it go. Once you do this and it will be ongoing initially, you will find the “weight of the world” that you’ve been carrying on your shoulders lighten substantially, and you will experience a magnetic pull towards your inner being. Over time you will become aware just how much the fears have been holding you back from being your true self. And you will also find that you slip into just being, as the inner battle gives rise to inner peace and harmony instead.

Letting go of all fears allows you to create the life you desire. The more fear you overcome, the more energy you have to create the positive in your life and live in harmony. It enables you to manifest your Soul completely and totally, without any slips. After all, let’s face it, the reason why many have issues manifesting their Souls and staying manifested is because of the fears. Tackle them and your manifestation strengthens and fits like a glove, as it is supposed to. The more you let go of fear, the more you become aware of your inner being and the abundance that exists within that you were otherwise unaware of or didn’t believe existed while you were choosing to chase the fears instead. Your inner being exists from a place of emotional freedom and he or she already has all that belongs to them. They are just waiting on you to let go of your fears, so you can have the life and love that belongs to your Soul, which is ultimately your birthright. Understand that letting go of fears and manifesting your Soul is no way difficult as the fear itself has led you to believe. Start from there and your path to freedom truly begins.

Rosalyn Medea is a journalist, spiritual life coach, intuitive reader and all-around creative warrior

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