L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Shifting Timelines ~ The Alchemy of Changing your Frequency”

Circle of the Dolphins


“So begin with viewing yourself and how you have attempted to change things externally.  Then, look deeper within yourself, look at how much you have changed within.  Or not changed.  Observe any changes in your life as a result.  In other words, study yourself.  You may experience HUGE timeline shifts, or smaller timeline shifts, when you do this.  One thing is for sure.  When you change your frequency and attune to another frequency, YOU LITERALLY change timelines.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian

It is an amazing experience when you shift into a different timeline. Although this may seem far out there, it really is about very deep within you. There are literal, tangible results with this.

Can you imagine going for a walk, and literally see everything physically change in front of you. You continue walking even if you do not recognize this new timeline. This place on earth, that, minutes ago, was…

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