Five Steps to More Positive Thinking


staypositiveWritten by Guest Contributor: Christianna K., M.S. (USA)

Founder of: Gather The Roses

We all have days that are emotionally sunny and others that are cloudy, thunderous or torrential.  A bad day isn’t a failure, and sometimes it’s just life.  But we can retrain our thinking, which will help us get through dark moods and create an upward trend toward more consistently cheerful emotions.

1) Look Around
Find at least one thing for which you can be truly grateful.  This may be as basic as being grateful all your teeth are intact or that you can stand on two feet.  It may be as small as an autumn-hued leaf or as large as a snow capped mountain.  As simple as a sweet, crispy apple or as complex as a chosen occupation.

2) No “Buts”
When life is especially difficult you may be tempted to qualify your thankfulness.  Don’t.  Choose simple gratitude…

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