RYAN STOLINSKI: “Escapism — The Mental Trap”

Circle of the Dolphins


Star-seeds, Indigos, Earth Angels and all incarnates of the Higher Realms came forth to Gaia at this point in evolution in order to heal and raise the vibration of the planet, to help Mother Gaia in changing into her Higher Form. All of these souls have specific reasons for incarnating here and fall into this category. Many have multiple missions, some have a singular mission. There are those that are required to physically DO something while many are just here to BE. There are those of the Higher Realms that have come here by choice and others that have come here by Karmic Contract. All of these incarnates face the same psychological ‘traps’, no matter the dimension they have incarnated from or whether or not it was their choice to incarnate themselves here at this ‘time’. These traps stem from imbalances in the energetic and mental systems and cause the…

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