Conscious mental attitude



How important to being successful is your conscious mental attitude?
Your conscious mental attitude, the thoughts you think from moment to moment, has the power to make success and happiness a reality in your life. When you think positively on a conscious level of the mind your inner essence, your true self has an opportunity to express through you. On the other hand negative thought energies, filling the conscious mind, blocks your personal subconscious and form a barrier against the true self’s ability to create positive events in your life.

It is great to maintain a positive mental attitude about everything in one’s life. It is most effective when positive thinking has a spiritual base. In other words being aware that positive thinking results from the conscious awareness of ones true self or higher self.

That awareness allow you to become attune to your higher self making your conscious mind open and receptive to guidance from the inner being or true self. This is experienced by the conscious mind receiving flashes of inspiration, or directions as to what to do in a given situation and when to do it.

Important to know that what ever you have in your conscious mind and subconscious mind is being broadcasted and used to create your life from moment to moment.

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