Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance October 9 through October 15, 2017


This weeks starts off by encouraging you to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture of your life. To see your life from a higher perspective, from this higher perspective what is really important? Remember that your focus determines your reality, so notice what you have been focusing on.

It appears that your focus has caused certain areas of your life to become stagnant from a lack of attention. These area of your life are failing to thrive and this could be hindering your forward progress. What ever you need to do to get thing moving again attend to them, make sure your focus is balanced and reflect all that you wish to bring into your life. As the week moves along you are being encouraged to partner with your own inner being again so that you will be able to choose right actions for your life. This partnerships with your inner being have the potential to bring joyful, inspiring, winning partnerships into your life, but only if you are being the person you would not mind partnering with. As the week winds down  to the weekend it is important that you are mindful of your thoughts and your focus. Are your thoughts of your self uplifting, caring and supportive? If not it is time to focus on choosing peaceful thoughts, which will help you bring the things that have been making your week difficult into perspective.

Finally the energy for the weekend call you to “play” yes play. By tuning out for a bit of play this weekend, you can allow yourself to access that deep well of creativity and inner peace. Trust this play process and allow your self to apply the lens of curiosity to the problem that followed you home. What new solutions become available? Remember play is not merely a distraction it is a tool that you can use to enhance and generate creative solutions to real life problems.
This week the energy require you to balance your focus, be kind to your self, and take some time to play. Give your inner being the opportunity to find “soulution” for the things that are causing your intense focus and taking over your thoughts. Balancing your focus and your thoughts can change your perspective and create forward progress.


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