Weekly Spiritual Energy for December 4 through December 10, 2017

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance December 4 through December 10, 2017


Weekly Spiritual Energy for December 4 through December 10, 2017

The energy this week indicates it is time to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture of life. Imagine that you are high up in the sky looking down on your life. From this perspective what is really important. Remember your focus determines your reality. Take a moment and notice what you have been focusing on. If you have been focused on that which is no longer aligned with your highest vision for your life it is time to refocus. Now is the time to look into creating partnerships that inspire, bring joy, increased abundance, harmony, and aliveness into your life. Just as you did an assessment of your focus do an assessment of your self and make sure that you are being the person that you would love to partner with. Remember like attracts like, so by being an ideal partner you will attract an ideal partner. It is likely this partner will help you bring the highest vision you have for your life to fruition.
The energy as the week progress is asking you to step boldly into the unknown and reach forward with courage for the life of your dreams. Remember as you reach for the best in yourself your example naturally uplifts and inspire others. You are encouraged to weather any temporary discomfort in order to create your continued joy, growth and spiritual evolution. Even as you choose to move forward this week towards your highest vision for your life it is important to choose peaceful thoughts, words, and deeds for your self. By doing so you strengthen the foundation of peace in the world. Make sure that you practice uplifting, loving and supportive thoughts for your self. Don’t fight your self and disturb your inner peace.Remember you are the creator, generator, and chooser of your own peace. Even as you strive to achieve your highest vision for your life remember it can be achieved without sacrificing your inner peace.
You are currently at a time in your life where you are allowing your own light and inner peace to shine more brightly every day. Trust that as you allow yourself to follow your path to the highest vision for your life you will not only see changes in your life but you will inspire others to find their own highest vision for their life and live in their own light and inner peace.
This weeks energy is about looking at the big picture then aligning your self spiritually, mentally and physically with your inner being and those your inner being choose as partners in the journey to achieving your Highest vision for your life.

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