Weekly Spiritual Energy for December 11 through December 17, 2017

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance December 11 through December 17, 2017

Weekly Spiritual Energy for December 11 through December 17, 2017



This weeks energy begin with the gift of love without expectations. It offers an opportunity to forgive and be forgiven for a past misunderstanding. You realize that the person is making choices and choosing experiences that serve their higher good. Regardless of the perceived veil of separation, regardless of the circumstances and their choices, the energy around you will assist you in seeing the divine essence in them and their path. This awareness will allow you to perceive them with unconditional love regardless of their choices because you now see that their choice was not meant to hurt you. All choices serve a purpose even if they do not resonate with you. It is time for you to start tuning into your own instincts-that deepest inner sense of personal truth in any given situation-and start acting on that truth, moment to moment. You may find that you can read the energies and emotions of other people but more importantly, you are learning to trust your self and your feelings. Pay close attention to what happens when you follow your intuitive feelings and what happens when you don’t.
As the week moves forward the energy directs you to experience what prosperity and abundance really mean to you. Abundance and prosperity indicate that whatever we think about and thank about we bring about. Prosperity and abundance can mean loving relationships, spiritual practices, and doing work that you enjoy. It is not restricted to money or material things. The energy of abundance and prosperity is attempting to direct your attention to the awareness that it means living in a state of balance with all you truly want, need and use; neither in lack or in excess.
There are signs in your environment that point to a specific direction.The responsibility for creating your destiny is your alone. It can never be given to you by anyone else as it doesn’t belong to them. It belongs only to you.
In summary, this weeks energy is bringing unconditional love and a reminder that your intuitive feeling is important. You are being reminded to look closely at what you think about and thank about in reference to your abundance and prosperity because that is what you create. Finally, you are reminded that your destiny is your choice and it belongs only to you. By acknowledging your intuitive feeling your path will be more easily open for you to interpret.

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