Weekly Spiritual Energy for January 1 through January 7, 2018

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance January 1 through January 7, 2018

January 1 through January 7, 2018


This week begins with energy which indicates that if you are feeling the need there is physical, spiritual and emotional strength and protection available to you. You may request protection while driving or traveling overseas whatever the reason you feel you need protection it is available to you. If you are feeling a bit hesitant because you do not have enough information to comfortably make choices take your time. Do not hesitate to say no. If moving in a certain direction feels blocked it is okay to take a step back breathe and wait for a more favorable time. Patience will change the situation and give you new vitality and clarity to make decisions. Use the time to be more organized and informed to make the decisions where you are concerned.
To live a happy fulfilling life is a slow process that requires you to be patient with yourself. Be prepared to accept inevitable changes in your life. Remember transformation can be a beautiful inspiring time in your life. As thing unfold remember that you have life’s greatest gift which is free will to make choices. This time is about making the choices that are right for you, the ones that encourage your growth and mirror your personal values. Your choices determine the consequences and your life. After the delays and the slowing down to get it right, it is time to celebrate. The energy is right for you to celebrate and be joyful so attend that party, wedding, or family gathering and have fun. You have earned it.
So even though the week starts off with a need to feel safe and to take your time making decisions you are able to come through it. You get the information you need to make good choices based on your personal values and your life directions. Your choices are the ones that you need to make to move your life forward. Now that you have faced these decisions and made the ones that work for you it is time to celebrate with family and friends.

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