Weekly Spiritual Energy for February 5 through February 11, 2018

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance February 5 through February 11, 2018


Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance February 5 through February 11, 2018

Energy for this week indicates that your magnetic personality is drawing others to you at this time. The power of attraction manifests through your thoughts, drawing to you ideas of a similar kind, people who think like you corresponding situations and circumstances.It is the power of attraction that brings together people of similar interest who unite into various groups. The best way to utilize the power of attraction is to adopt a positive outlook and allow events to unfold naturally, to trust life rather than resist it. This is not the time to dwell on the past or to worry about the future, everything you need to create the future you want is happening at the moment. You may become aware of increased power, responsibilities and status in your life. Your leadership and business skills are noticeable they may be attracting a mentor who will help you advance and increase your skills.
Additional energy unfolding for you this week indicate that it is time for you to utilize the transformative energies of the NOW. You are now at the point where you are ready to recreate your self. You can sit and meditate or ask for the most benevolent outcome for all that is concerned in the events that are unfolding in your life now. Along with your leadership and business skills, you also have an innate skill for divination. The responsibility for your destiny lies with you. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Learn to listen to your own inner voice. This is the voice that is trying to show you the way to personal success in life and happiness in your heart.

Affirmation: Now I believe in myself and my capabilities.

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