Monthly Spiritual Energy for April 2018

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for April 2018

Monthly Spiritual Energy for April 2018



This months energy begins with the need to be patient and prepare for the new cycle soon to be upon you. You may need to wait until the time feels right to move on to new and better things but right now stop wasting energy on things that no longer work for you. As mentioned good things are starting to appear in your life but you still must keep your eyes open and your common senses working, as more than one possibility will appear but only one will meet all of your needs. The energy around you now indicates that what you have worked hard for is now possible to attain. In order to continue to make progress towards your goals, you need to balance the spiritual and the physical. You may believe the spiritual is all or that the physical is more important. Both are equally important and help to keep you moving towards your goals. You may find your self evolving to a place where your awareness is expanding and allowing you to have a better glimpse of the big picture. Synchronicity becomes your best friend and your higher mind becomes your traveling companion and guide. Continue Reading
Affirmation: I now accept change that reflects my true purpose and place in the world physically and spiritually.

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