Blueprint for Happiness | Tony Robbins — Gerald’s Store We live in a world that says in order to be happy, you have to follow a certain formula. Go to a good school, meet the right person, buy your dream house, start a family – the list goes on and on. We believe we’re supposed to follow a certain blueprint to happiness, but in all honesty, we put so much weight on trying to be happy that we don’t often allow room for growth. Then, when you fail to achieve these milestones, you beat yourself up. The cycle continues until you realize that you’re tying your happiness to someone else’s expectations. You’re frozen when it comes to making decisions because you haven’t yet realized that you have to create your own happiness. By pushing yourself toward a life that doesn’t suit your needs, you’ll never be happy. You’ll continue feeling as if you haven’t accomplished enough and eventually burn out. Instead of chasing an impossible dream,

via Blueprint for Happiness | Tony Robbins — Gerald’s Store

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