Monthly Spiritual Energy for August 2019 – by Lady Dyanna

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for August 2019



Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for August 2019

This month’s spiritual energy indicates that it is time to reconnect with your personal power. Do you feel vulnerable or helpless? Do you often feel pain in your belly or root chakra? Has fear been the main emotion in your life lately? If the answer is “Yes” to

any of these you may need to feel your power again. Don’t confuse power with manipulation or domination. Many people try desperately to change the circumstances of their life and if they can not they feel defeated. This is not a place of power, but a place of struggle and avoidance. The real place of power comes when you face a challenge knowing you are strong enough to overcome it. Which really is always the case. Life never confronts you with things you can not really handle. So whatever you may be experiencing right now, just face it boldly, breathe and say firmly to yourself “I am more than strong enough to handle this” Feel your power again, and fear will eventually vanish. Continue Reading


Affirmation: I am powerful and strong enough to handle anything.

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