Prophetic Dream, Energy, Sleep – Precognition!



Prophetic Dream, Energy, Sleep – Precognition!

Are our dream states more real than our waking states,
Are the psychokinetic answers found in our dreams?

Psychic powers of our subconscious demonstrated through our dreams show us that we really have very few limitations in our psychic realities. Whether communicating with other souls, having a vivid glimpse of world events, or clearly experiencing an old friend phoning you in a dream, only to be called that coming day by that very person.

These are Precognitive Dreams that have a knack of predicting our very future happenings, without time and distance barriers and without good or bad news preference. We must still decipher between real precognitive messages and real precognitive symbols of future events. The more we learn about deciphering even the most irrelevant appearing symbols the more we are truly on the road to ‘Psychically Reading Our Dreams.’

The Dreamer’s Psyche illustrates the construct, these…

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