Monthly Spiritual Energy for December 2019

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for December 2019


Intuition is the faculty that allows you to enter into a dialogue with Source, the consciousness that you are [art of but cannot see with the naked eye. It is perplexing that people are taught to ignore this natural capacity to navigate their journeys, to access their inner guidance. Know that you have the ability to access this guidance and find all the truths that are pertinent to your story. This deep knowing allows you to open the door to wisdom far greater than what is available in the limitations of human experience. You are given information that may make no sense what so ever to the logical mind or five sense but it is still 100% correct and true. The trick is to listen then to act accordingly. You are invited into this sacred dialogue of deep knowing. Tune in and trust your vibes they will be right.

Affirmation: I make a conscious and deliberate effort to listen to my intuition and act on the information I receive.

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