Monthly Spiritual Energy for January 2020

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for January 2020

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for January 2020

A state of conscious awareness is the key to clearly communicating your intentions to the Universe. The message is to fully awake as you make choices large and small that will influence your well being. It is when we fall asleep to our spiritual nature and connection with the Universe that old habits return and we forget our commitment to personal transformation. It is time to wake up and notice whether you are becoming complacent and not following through as you promised yourself you would. Now is the time to reconnect with the Universe so your higher mind can magnify your awareness, helping you recognize whether your conscious and subconscious are in sync so that you do not get in your own way as you co-create what you desire.

Affirmation: I remain present in the moment I am consciously aware as I make choices that influence my well being.

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