WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY – March 30, 2020 – April 5, 2020 by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance March 30, 2020 – April 5, 2020

“Don’t let failure deter you; use it as a stepping-stone and an educational experience towards making your mark on the world.” ~ Ben Parr

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance March 30, 2020 – April 5, 2020


You are reminded that when you are in alignment with your heart and soul, you are on target and will soon be hitting your mark. Be true to your calling, release attachments, and free yourself. Now is revealed to be the time of contact in which your intention meets the material world.  You are being advised to pay attention as you are about to make your mark in some aspect of your life. Trust that your job is to be relaxed yet focused, keeping your eye on the prize yet releasing your intention with the full expectation that it will land as it is supposed to. Don’t worry about the “how” or the exact form. This is not a time to interfere with how you will make your mark just know that you will and you will have cause to celebrate.

Affirmation: I am in alignment with my heart and soul and I am ready to make my mark in my life.

Thought for the Week

 Life Coaching, Twin Flame/Twin Soul Guidance/Tarot Reading

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