WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY – April 13, 2020 – April 19, 2020 by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance April 13, 2020 – April 19, 2020

“”Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance April 13, 2020 – April 19, 2020


This week you are encouraged to believe in yourself and to cease the self-sabotage. What you think of yourself, how you think of your life and what you believe about your self is how the universe will create it to be. As you look at your self it is okay to be aware that there is room for improvement but it is not okay to say and think negative things as a way to note the improvements needed. Address the changes and improvements you want to make with positive statements “I could lose a few pounds” is better than “I am fat and ugly”. Be mindful of how you think about yourself and how you talk to yourself. Be aware that whatever it is one thinks, believes in or feels becomes one’s reality. If you keep affirming that you are no good then that is what you eventually become as your energy resonates and grows to match your affirmations. Why do you tear yourself down? Where does the low opinion of yourself come from?  Usually, it comes from someone else.

If I were to say to you that you are very special, how would you react? Would you smile knowingly and graciously say “thank you” as you expected these words? Or would you shake your head, believing this is not the case whatsoever? Take the time to go deep within and be totally honest with yourself. Find your true self and choose your higher mind’s awareness of who you are. It would be wonderful to be all that you desire yourself to be. Why not take the time to write down all the things that you want to be. Now take a moment and be aware that these things already exist within you. The more you focus on knowing that already you are these things the sooner you will see yourself becoming the person you want to be.

Affirmation: I love who I am today.

Thought for the Week

 Life Coaching, Twin Flame/Twin Soul Guidance/Tarot Reading

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