WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- June 15, 2020 – June 21, 2020 by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance June 15, 2020 – June 21, 2020 

.WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- June 8, 2020 - June 14, 2020 by Lady Dyanna

This week’s spiritual energy asks you to turn to the place where the flame of the sun gifts you with the power of determination, energy, and action. You are reminded that the energy of the element of fire can ignite your internal soul with passion, creativity, and inspiration if you allow the energy to rise in your and being. Draw upon the fire of dynamic purposeful action and honor this phase of your life where you focus on work, attention to detail, and making things happen. Feel the spark within your soul, utilize this energy to create your vision for the future.

Fire is the generating force of all creation, open your consciousness, and absorb the flame so it may radiate light and warmth into the world. Call upon the energy of fire to keep you focused on your purpose and mission. Receive the sun’s energy, which fuels your ability to manifest your talents and gifts. As you work with the energy of the sun feel your own fire and discover your personal power. Use the energy for personal transformation as you invite it to devour and destroy old patterns, beliefs, and habits. Remember as fire consumes it creates new life too. Feel the energy as it enters your life and encouraging your inner fire to grow stronger and brighter so that you become light and power.  This week’s spiritual energy is in keeping with the Summer Solstice which is celebrated on June 20.

Affirmation: I ask the element of fire to energize my dreams and visions and help me make my dreams a reality.

Thought for the Week

 Life Coaching, Twin Flame/Twin Soul Guidance/Tarot Reading

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