Walking the Spiritual Path Day 74

Lady Kamberlyn.... intuitive guidance and spiritual advice

Do or do not.  There is no try.  Yoda

To be one with the Goddess, you must give it your all.  I have held onto doubt and it has stopped me.  I have held onto my past and it has betrayed me, leading me down the road of ruin.  I have held onto fear and it has diminished me.  I am confronting the fact there is nothing positive to hold onto.

I still have patterns and habits.  But that is all they are: unwanted shadows of the past.  Every day that I take an action in the opposite direction, I lessen the hold of these old worn-out ways of thinking and being.

Affirmation:  I manifest my higher mind and soul and ask her to come forward as the only power in my life and stay there until I draw my last breath.

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