WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- November 30, 2020 – December 6, 2020, by Lady Dyanna

WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- November 30, 2020 – December 6, 2020

WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- November 30, 2020 - December6, 2020

“The inner light actually comes from the soul; it is already inside us. The moment we can have free access to our soul, we will see that this light is coming to the fore to permeate our whole outer existence.” ~ Sri Chinmoy

The Spiritual energy this week reminds you that if an area of your life is not currently reflecting your soulful aspirations, what is the highest, most light-filled vision that you can imagine for it? Next, with your vision in mind, call to yourself the brightest, purest, and most beautiful light that you can imagine and infuse it into that area of your life. Notice the color, feeling, and texture of this light. Surround yourself and your vision with this beautiful light and see that area of your life coming into a higher order and transforming easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. Then release this light, give thanks, and move on with your day. Remember, light is an active force and can easily transform any darkness or stagnation.

Affirmation: Everything I think, say, and do add light to my life.

 Life Coaching, Twin Flame/Twin Soul Guidance/Tarot Reading

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