WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- July 19, 2021 – July 25, 2021, by Lady Dyanna

WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- July 19, 2021 – July 25,2021

WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- July 19, 2021 - July 25, 2021, by Lady Dyanna

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” ~ Lao Tzu

You are here in this physical existence to realize your inner divinity and to express this godliness. You have dreamed that you are a mortal being existing in this realm of consciousness and your soul is now guiding you back home. Your soul has the awareness of its immortality and is forever pulling you back towards the Divine. Listen to your heart as you move towards self-actualization. Your soul is an illumined state of perfection. Meditation is the way to unite your soul to the divine. Bring awareness to the silence within and tap into the everlasting truth of your enlightened true nature.
Repeat the following:
I have a body, but I am not the body. I have a mind, but I am not the mind. I am a spark of the everlasting omnipresent Divine. I am Almighty. I am divine. I am free from all limitations. I am Soul made manifest in the physical form. I am free from suffering as I dream awake in this material world. My soul is the all-knowing intuitive force that guides me. I allow myself the gift of silence and solitude in order to connect to the guidance of my soul. My divine instinct is love. I am made up of pure light with the vibration of love. I am guided by the superconscious intelligent energy from the wisdom of my soul. I am mindful and compassionate, just like the Buddha. I am connected to Source and I walk fearlessly in this world.

Affirmation: I am One with the Divine.

I hope you join me on my weekly podcast here: Looking at Your Spiritual Journey and your Twin Soul relationship with Lady Dyanna


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