WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY-June 27, 2022 – July 3, 2022, by Lady Dyanna

WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY-June 27, 2022 - July 3, 2022, by Lady DyannaWEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY- June 27, 2022 – July 3, 2022

You create your experiences, be they “good” or “bad.” You do it all. You are it all. You are the Creator! So you might as well start using your divine creative powers to manifest what you want instead of what you don’t want. It’s simple. It’s easy. You’ve been doing it forever. You’ve just forgotten. Now it’s time to remember. And to start doing it again, this time consciously and deliberately, to create the good you want in your life, and not the opposite. You are totally free to make any choices you want. And you are also free to make no choices. But that also is a choice, and you will then create your reality by default. That is, you will take whatever life “throws at you,” without making deliberate and conscious choices. People in that situation – which, remember, is still a choice – often feel like victims of fate. Many of you have trouble accepting the concept of creating your own reality. After all, if you believe you create your own reality, that means you must accept full responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Do you accept that responsibility? The only alternative is to pretend you’re a victim. And you definitely are not a victim. You are always in control.

AFFIRMATION: I consciously create my life by making deliberate and conscious choices.

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