WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY-September 19, 2022 – September 25, 2022, by Lady Dyanna

WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY-September 19, 2022 – September 25, 2022, by Lady Dyanna

WEEKLY SPIRITUAL ENERGY-September 19, 2022 - September 25, 2022, by Lady Dyanna

Discernment lets us approach information in a wiser manner: we can decide that the information that is presented to us by the media, friends, family, and external authorities need not be 100% accepted. Wisdom is knowing that knowledge can be limited by the experiences and perspectives of others, the same way it is limited by the technologies available for recording and measuring our physical reality. Wisdom is realizing that things that are universally and socially accepted as true can often change and that these changes have actually occurred quite often in human history.
Discernment lies in choosing wisely any information that we put our faith in. Beliefs are chosen. This is a fact that can make some of us uncomfortable, yet it’s empowering once we realize that we can choose beliefs that support our well-being. We can choose not to believe anything at all until it also fits our own personal experience and inner knowing.
We should be wary, however, of forcing our beliefs onto others, and of people who are trying to force their beliefs on us. 
We should also be careful not to develop any unhealthy clinging to a belief because it pleases the people around us, or because we do not want to admit our previously limited perspective. What we know at any point can change. As we have more experiences, our perspectives can broaden, grow, and shift. 
Discernment is knowing that whatever we choose to believe as truth can be tested, adapted, and changed.

AFFIRMATION:  I am discerning and aware that I can always test the truth of my beliefs.

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