Guest post:What’s the deal with spirituality?

Guest post:What’s the deal with spirituality?

What’s the deal with spirituality? It has different meanings for many. For a large number of people, it means religion. But for those who are in need of spiritual guidance, this somewhat limited definition of spirituality may put them off or think twice about getting in touch with a spiritual life coach, even though that is whom their inner being or true self is directing them to for assistance.

 Guest post:What’s the deal with spirituality?

Ok…what is spirituality? It don’t mean you find yourself in the midst of a mosque, church or temple in search of your true self. Far from it. Spirituality is way broader than that.

Spirituality for me is about “living, breathing and eating” that which belongs to your true self – being your true self and living the life of your true self. We are spiritual beings and in order to exist as your inner being or true self and be your true self, you have to connect on a spiritual level. That connection to your true self or inner being is a spiritual connection, it doesn’t exist as such in the physical. Your inner being or true self don’t come and visit you in the physical as some other kind of being, for she or he is you – when you manifest your true self, the physical part of you is the physical representation of your true self.

From a young age, my mum would cart me off to Saturday School to learn Arabic and ‘how to be a Muslim’ essentially – what they call madrasas these days. No disrespect to anyone who is religious, but it didn’t resonate with me one iota, and the only thing that stopped me from begging my mum not to take me was a lunchtime treat or an after-school shopping trip to London’s shopping capital, Oxford Street.

 Guest post:What’s the deal with spirituality?

I know my true self was in place back in those days because she would play music in my head throughout the classes, which would keep me going – like a coping mechanism almost, after all I was learning Arabic without an English translation so it was pretty much “meaningless”. Music for me has always taken me high up in to spiritual realms, way before I was even aware of that is what was happening. Mainly because my inner being or true self was picking those tunes and it was the connection to my true self which was in itself connecting me to the music. So having the likes of Scritti Politti’s ‘Wood Beez’, Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ and A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Bonita Applebum’ playing in my ears during those days, holds much spiritual significance for me. I got hit with a wooden ruler a few times for not paying attention in class, but those beats and rhymes playing in my head was keeping me so “real” and felt like my saviour – essentially that was just being connected to my true self.

Religion has never had a spiritual significance in my life, even though I grew up with many friends and family who often defined who they were by their religion. I understood the thing about being part of a “tribe” so to speak and that community spirit, but never got why close friends of mine would come raving with me to clubs, drink alcohol, smoke spliff, pop some pills and then fast during Ramadhan, and still proceed to define their identity as essentially “Muslim”.

My own definition of “spirituality” was most likely doctored by the people around me, and the conversations people would have around “spirituality”. I wasn’t really exposed to anything else other than religion on a spiritual front, but I also knew that it was never a part of who my true self is.

Then there was the “new age” alternative which resonated with me to a much larger extent aided and abetted by the healing aspects of it, the gemstones, the candles, the incense, the Tibetan chants and the drumming. My spiritual side started to awaken, but I didn’t want to be defined as “new age” either.

Just as in music, people are always quick to label things. In my capacity as both a journalist and spiritual life coach, I’ve interviewed and worked with many musicians, each of whom get miffed by the constant need, particularly the media industry’s need, to put music into genres and brackets, placing “identities” on a musician’s work and leaving little in the way of respecting a musician’s creative expression.

Really spirituality is not into defining and pigeon-holing, it is the whole and it is wholesome. It is without judgments, boundaries, limitations, prejudices or identities. It doesn’t identify someone as of this religion or that religion – spirituality is universal. It just is and it is just a state of being. The way I look at it, if you choose a spiritual path, you are choosing the path of your true self or inner being. A way of life which is based on simply, just being.

 Guest post:What’s the deal with spirituality?

Going back to definitions and labels, when you tell people you are a spiritual life coach – many get it, some don’t and refuse to get it, but then there’s the ones that “straddle the fence” that get it, but have “concerns” – it is usually the latter whose true selves have poked and prodded their physical forms to reach out and get assistance in connecting to their inner being.

Spiritual life coach doesn’t mean you are a “mufti”, “rabbi” or “priest”. Far from it – all I am is a soul in a physical body who is here to help other beings and assist them in getting connected to their true self and developing their relationship with their own inner being, so they can manifest the life that truly belongs to them – the life, career, relationship, finances and well-being.

Spiritual life coaching covers all aspects of life, and it helps those on a spiritual quest to develop their relationship with their inner being. Connecting to your inner being is about being your true self 24/7 365 – it’s not about switching that connection on and off – it’s about discovering it and keeping it in place and your true self running things until you draw your last breath in this reality. It’s your true self’s life so being connected to her or him means you do only that which belongs to your inner being. You will find as you become aware of that connection, your inner being does only that which serves the greater good for humanity, the universe and the balance. So if you are chasing that mansion, flash car, 75″ HDTV, or designer handbag, better check with your true self cos that may not be her or his desire for you.

When you have that connection to your true self, you have the intuitive awareness and the knowing of what belongs to her or him and what doesn’t. It’s usually when we hit that empty point – that realization that we’ve been chasing crap and knowing that it’s just not doing anything for us anymore, that we seek something more whole and from within rather than externally.

If you’ve reached that point where you realize that the crap you have been chasing has not been serving you, you are ready to work on something bigger and better to enrich you and your life. Truth is that stuff you’ve been unconsciously chasing has not been serving your inner being, and like a loud wake up call, your inner being is pointing you in the direction of getting assistance on your spiritual journey. So ditch all those labels, definitions, beliefs, ideas, concerns and issues that you may or may not have about “spirituality”, and if you are reaching out for a more soul-full life, experience and existence, there is help at hand from one soul to another. Peace y’all.

This article originally appeared on Life & Soul Creatives

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