Guest Post: Can Depression be helped by a Spiritual approach too?

Go on say something funny?

 1Guest Post: Can Depression be helped by a Spiritual approach too?

Have you noticed how many comedians when they are being interviewed talk about how pressurizing it is to be funny? They usually give the example of when they are on the street and a punter expects them to crack a funny there-and-then.

Being a comedian is a highly creative skill that’s not going to be practiced 24/7 365, unlike breathing. But there too is a dark side to “being funny” as it were.

The pressure of creating those laughter moments and being in the spotlight is not always easy. In recent years, more and more comedians have spoken out about coping with their “inner demons”. Last year, director Kevin Pollak, produced a documentary, ‘Misery Loves Comedy’, which started as a project purely about comedians with clinical depression. It featured more than 60 comedians talking about the condition including Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David, and Alan Partridge creator Steve Coogan who told Pollak that a comic’s skill comes from “making your pain relatable”.

Across the pond in the UK, Spike Milligan co-wrote a book called ‘Depression and How to Survive It’. And fellow British comedian Stephen Fry, who has bipolar disorder, has spoken regularly on the subject and how close he came to “permanent oblivion” during some of his worst days.

So what do you do if you suffer from depression? How do you get yourself out of that space to be able to push forward and firmly close the door on those “dark spots”?

We often spend too much time and energy comparing ourselves to others and looking for physical “things” to make us happy or relationships based on status. But people rarely look within to their source for that sense of self and sense of direction, or more to the point, to see what your inner being or true self’s take on her or his life is.

People with depression withdraw and go within. But there is a difference as they are more often than not going within seeking the inner peace of their true self. More often than not they find themselves withdrawing into a spiraling web of thoughts, thought forms and beliefs that have nothing to do with their inner being whatsoever.

These thoughts are characterized by what is around them and going on around them – external factors, external pressures and external energies – and they often take these to be their own thoughts and beliefs, and own them outright without questioning where the heck they came from.

Some people who suffer from depression are actually empaths. Empaths have the ability to “feel” and “sense” another person’s feelings and emotions, so much so that if you are not aware of your empathetic skills, you take on other people’s stuff perceiving it to be yours and without a clue that it doesn’t belong to you. And if you go to a doctor, they will prescribe you with medication and label you as suffering from “depression”, when actually you haven’t got depression, you are in fact a psychic, an empath but aren’t quite aware of that side of you yet.

Focusing on your inner being and seeking guidance from within is not just for those “darker moments” but it is a 24/7, 365 practice. Your inner being or true self lives in balance – there are no highs and there are no lows. Whatever goes up must come down and whatever goes down must come up, but your true self does not live their life based on that existence. Your inner being or true self does not live in that place of emotions – they see things as they are – the truth and nothing but – and for what they are without “attachments” that emotions bring to the table.

Balance exists within you and it comes from your source, your inner being or true self. If you are suffering from depression, guidance comes from your true self. But it is the reaching out to your inner being that is something you may need guidance on. Learning to work with your inner being and develop your relationship with your true self can assist you in a number of ways, including being able to identify the source of the problem and find spiritually tangible ways to resolve the issues and concerns.

When you begin to see the changes that working with your inner being brings to your life, it is a path that you will be willing to stick with.

Rosalyn Medea is a journalist, spiritual life coach, intuitive reader and all-round creative warrior

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