STEPHANIE LUCAS: “Self Love and Self Respect Opens Door to Empowerment”

Circle of the Dolphins

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In these times of greater cosmic activity, enlightenment, and self awareness, it seems that more people — particularly youth — are becoming turned off by a lack of self respect and self love in others.  Ladies showing too much skin are drawing more looks of disdain, and those once so appealing bad boys are only attractive from a distance.  Sounds great!  Problem is, there are still many out there who let ego get in the way, and we eagerly seek out love and respect before giving it to ourselves first.

Empowerment Authentication and Self Respect

It seems that many are stuck on stuck, expecting others to freely give us love and respect when we are still not aligned with our own heartfelt intentions well enough to love and respect ourselves.  Going through life in such a vicious cycle fuels hurt and chronic disappointments when things don’t work out, allowing other’s egotistical expectations…

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One response to “STEPHANIE LUCAS: “Self Love and Self Respect Opens Door to Empowerment”

  1. Thank you for this share, will hop over and read in full.. Its true, we need to respect self more and definitely love ourselves a lot more.. ❤ When we go within and learn to love and find our own peaceful centres we help create a more peaceful world..
    It all begins with Self.
    Blessings Sue


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