ELIZABETH RENTER: “7 Ways To Better Listen To Your Intuition”

Have you ever been in a situation where your “gut feeling” told you one thing, but your rational mind said another? If you went with your brain rather than your intuition, there’s a good chance you ended up regretting your decision. Your intuition is the subconscious leader that many people fail to give proper respect […]

via ELIZABETH RENTER: “7 Ways To Better Listen To Your Intuition” — Circle of the Dolphins

4 responses to “ELIZABETH RENTER: “7 Ways To Better Listen To Your Intuition”

  1. Yes I did this.. I went and got a job in the city miles away.. I went to the interview, the Universe spoke, but I was not listening.. A car hit my wing mirror and knocked out the glass.. not my fault.. lol.. but a sign I should not be on the road I was..
    I got the job.. The best paid job I ever had.. 🙂 Yet I knew it wasn’t right.. My gut told me.. But my head said security.. I need a job..
    Each day I travelled the three quarters of an hour journey, when I got to the city diversions were in place, with major road works as new tram lines were being installed over a 3 yr period.. Each day a new route had to be found one way or another in a city I was unfamiliar with..
    Even one time the whole road access to the building I worked in was cut off by police as a gunman ( rare in England ) had fired shots at someone in some drug dispute..
    I then saw what the universe was showing me, and after 4 weeks of hellish drives and horrendous days at my new employment.. I gave in my notice.. 🙂 and when I trusted my instincts.. Life came back on track..
    🙂 lol
    So yes.. Listen to our intuition, our gut instincts are there for a purpose.. 🙂

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