How important is self truth to removing negativity?

How important is self truth to removing negativity?

The quickest way to rid oneself of negativity is to focus on truth, that truth being self truth. When in the midst of negativity we can remind ourselves of the truth of who and what we really are. In truth your reality is your inner being/higher self, that is who you are no matter the negative situation you are dealing with. When you remember that is who you are it creates a sense of inner peace, and wisdom. This in turn give you the foundation that you need to bring the negative situation under control. It might help to remind your self that  ” Anything that appear to go wrong this day is corrected by the power of my higher self working through me to bring positive situations into my life.”

Never allow a situation or another person to dictate who you are in the course of a day. Remember that your thoughts directed by your higher self can change a situation. Even when you do not appear to be in control of the situation, if you are in control of your reaction to the situation that is the first step to being in control of the situation. Handling a negative situation with a positive attitude goes a long ways to turning it into a positive situation. As your attitude remain positive it allows your true self to work through you to transform the situation. ” I am positive in my thoughts and my attitude because my true self/my higher self is positive about everything in my life today”

Your self truth in this case indicate that you have a positive attitude and therefore you are a positive person. Your true self/higher mind is not blocked by negativity, and so it may insist that all aspects of your life take a positive turn no matter how they begin. The positive attitude gives your self truths acting through your higher mind the power to be the stronger influence in your life.

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