Awareness beyond the “me and mine”…

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In real mindfulness, in profound awareness, there is an eternal simplicity (i.e., an uncomplicated movement) beyond excessive and needless mental ornamentation.  Then there is not a separate watcher apart from the observed… perceiving from a so-called center.  In profound awareness, there is no separate center that is perceiving thoughts or emotions that “it has.”  One is the thought or thoughts (or emotions) as they occur; the idea that something separate “has” them is just another pattern of thought (that is primitive and fictional).  That so-called center, invented by the other thoughts, is not only unnecessary… it is what leads to needless conflict, friction, and separation in (and “as”) the mind.  This internal friction then extends out into society.  Awareness of the illusory self need not take place if there is no projected, illusory self.  In profound awareness, one cannot “know” that one is deeply aware, nor does one care to; profound…

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