Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance October 2 Through October 8, 2017

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance October 2 Through October 8, 2017

This week the energy indicate that the hard work, the planning making corrections and adjustments have paid off. You are ready to harvest the benefits of your efforts. Take your bow accept your accolade for a job well done. You are being asked how do you react after your grand accomplishments. The energy of this month asks that you surround your accomplishment and achievements what ever they are with grace and confident pride.
You are also being advised to accept what you can and have changed and to let go of that which you can not change. This week you feel the pull of energy towards the new path and new beginnings.
If you have worked alone to achieve and to accomplish things you are now in a place where you can enjoy the energy of companionship, community, and friendship. This phase of your endeavors do not have to be done alone.
Even though this time of year herald the time of harvest it also offers you a time to celebrate the harvest and this is a celebration that is better with family,and friends.
So take a moment to enjoy both your accomplishments and renew your connections with family and friends. These are the people who will join you on your new endeavor. Now is the time to connect with and build the support group that will see you through the next steps you are ready to make in your life. Sow the seeds of future achievements  with the help of your support group. Let the love and creativity that is the current energy inspire your actions and nurture your soul.
As this month unfold you will notice that you feel comfortable seeking and giving help. That is the energy that this month is bringing in beginning now.


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