Monthly Spiritual Energy for November 2019

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for November 2019


Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for November 2019

You have stepped into alignment with the greater good, where your dreams and the collective dream resonate in harmony. Now is the time for luck and preparation to meet and create miracles that you could never have planned all by yourself. Keep in mind that you are a channel for the universe right now as a higher energy use you as a force for universal good. Everything you bring into being now will leave a legacy for others in the future. Your service in the world is being supported at this time. Expect the unexpected. Things are growing and expanding in your life. Keep going forward. Sometimes it may be easy to be distracted by what’s occurring around you, but it is important to not let anything hold you back from increasing the bounty of your life. Step up and know that your needs will be taken care of. Your life is escalating and intensifying in the best possible way for your highest good.  Continue Reading

Affirmation: I make a conscious and deliberate effort to remain focused as my life moving towards my highest good.

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