Monthly Spiritual Energy for June 2020

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for June 2020

Monthly Spiritual Energy Guidance for June 2020


You are here for a purpose. Remember it or define it for yourself. Find what sets you on fire.

This is time for going to the start. Either we feel like we are starting from scratch, or we need to begin again because of recent setbacks. Beginnings are magical for all their new potential. Untarnished by illusory limits and the expectations of others, beginnings are moments for setting our clear intentions and making sure they are aligned with our hearts. Any new journey will ultimately be for our growth, bringing us closer to the highest power that we believe in. Start your journey with the spirit of excitement, love, and trust. It is important to realize that the road ahead cannot be a “failure” unless we refuse to learn from it.

Do what you feel you came to do, even if it’s not clear just yet. Your first step is simply to allow yourself to begin. All that matters is that you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Affirmation: I make a conscious effort to realize my purpose and do what I am here to do.

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