KATE SUPINO: “How To Meditate, Part 1”

Circle of the Dolphins


Getting Started with Meditation

There are a handful of ways to meditate, each of them derived from spiritual traditions. Within those traditions there are variations that are employed to suit the individual. But this all makes meditation sound more rigid and complicated than it is. For our purposes today, we will speak of classic Buddhist meditation.

To better understand how to meditate, it is best to achieve and understanding of what meditation is, and what it is not.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a way for us to experience our own present being. It allows us to be quiet within ourselves. Meditation does not bring us anywhere. There is no goal to meditation. Do not meditate in order to achieve clarity of mind. The clarity will come to you. Do not meditate to rid yourself of stress. The stress will leave you.

How to Meditate, Part 1Do not meditate to work out a problem…

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