KATE SUPINO: “How to Meditate, Part 2”

Circle of the Dolphins


In “How to Meditate, Part 1,” we learned what how to get started with meditation, what meditation is, and isn’t, when to meditate and for how long. We also learned about Quantum Stones, and how they can help to open our Chakras, which are the energy centers of our bodies.Let’s continue the process of meditation with fine tuning the details.

The Place

You can meditate anyplace where you can experience peace and quiet. Many teachers suggest sitting facing a wall to reduce distractions. If you live near a coast, you could meditate facing the great expanse of the ocean. Your specific place of meditation is not as important as your ability to have access to it whenever you want to meditate, and your ability to avoid distraction in that location.

The Posture

In sitting meditation, which is what we are discussing today, there is a certain recommended posture. There…

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