What to do with Unwanted Thoughts from a Mindfulness Perspective

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mindfulnessgarden.jpgWritten by Official MakeItUltra™ Contributor: Jamie S. (AUS)

Founder of: Scan Philosophy

Mindfulness by no means is a one size fits all approach to thinking and being present in each moment.

I’ve talked with many people from various backgrounds about techniques for clearing unwanted thoughts and have heard some great tips that I would like to share with you now.

1. The rubbish bin
A holistic counselor who had clients coming to them struggling to get to sleep at night spoke of this technique. Imagine each night when you go to sleep, that you are placing all of your unwanted thoughts from the day and even those about the following day, into the rubbish bin. This is not to suggest that you cannot retrieve them when you need them, but to put them away somewhere for the night so that you can rest effectively when you are asleep.

2. Moving computer…

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