Weekly Spiritual Energy for March 26 through April 1, 2018

Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance March 26 through April 1, 2018


Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance March 26 through April 1, 2018

The spiritual energy of this week comes with a few warnings one is beware of who you trust. Always follow your instincts, your gut feelings, that is the voice of your intuitive side. We have many names for it but your inner voice is the best one to listen to in any situation especially if you are about to give your trust, or enter into life-altering situations. With that warning to start your week, there is the energy for the unexpected yet extremely favorable event to occur this week. A chance meeting or discovery, again following that intuition that directs you to do something different or go someplace unexpected will open the way for new prospects.
This weeks energy acknowledge your life’s journeys, again there are rewards for those nearing the completion of a journey they may have started years ago. It could look like a promotion on your job, graduation with honors, or retirement to someplace you have only dreamed of in the past. Unfortunately, the energy as the weekend is much the same as its beginning a need to pay attention and be in the moment at all times. Be aware of those around you who may have hidden agendas or be sharing only half-truths. This is your time for renewal and rebirth. to make this happen with a minimum of chaos remain mindful and aware of your inner voice and it’s directions.
Affirmation: I now listen to and heed my inner voice.

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