Fears (and how we deal with them)…

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The moment that a psychological  fear — not necessarily threatening physical harm — occurs, simply be the fear, without merely looking at it with (and “from”) separation.  Do not (as you learned from the past) merely try to avoid it, or rationalize it, analyze it, judge it, condemn it, or wish it was not happening.  Simply be what it is without some (supposed) center looking at it from a (supposed) distance.  If a legitimate relationship occurs with a fear, then the mind has much more clarity and energy to perceive with (and “as”) order and integrity.  Most people have tension with their fears, involving conflict, friction, and avoidance; they look at “their” fears with images of distance and separation; many feel the more distance and separation… the better.  Fear is only really diminished and solved when it is understood in a precise, legitimate relationship… not when there is needless friction, separation…

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