TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “11 Things that Lower Your Vibration and How to Fix It”

Circle of the Dolphins


We all have a vibration or life force energy that runs through our entire body. It is this vibration that determines our overall energy, aura and the type of experiences, people and events that we attract into our lives.

Our vibration is always changing depending on our mood and the overall quality of life that we are experiencing. These daily fluctuations are normal and are unlikely to have an impact unless our vibration drops for an extended period of time.

Effects of a Low Vibration

When your vibration is consistently low it can lead to tiredness, physical illness, an overall feeling of negativity and being out of touch with your soul and heart wisdom. 

It can also make it more difficult for you to tune into your purpose or intuition and can lead you to attracting chaos, drama and other negative experiences into your life.

Unless you put conscious effort into…

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