15 Positive Affirmations For Boss Lady Mantra Meditation

World Of Alisa

Most of what makes up how we succeed in life is through mindset. We need the right mindset in order to pursue and manifest all of our dreams and goals. That’s why meditation is crucial to becoming the boss lady you were meant to be. Mantra meditation, specifically, is when you use a phrase repeatedly through your meditation. This is really effective because reciting it over and over again helps block your stressful, unwanted thoughts all while also helping you feel more confident and motivated.

The practice of mantra meditation is seen across Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and many more spiritual traditions. The term mantra is coined together with the Sanskrit words “man” which means “mind” and trai which means “protect/free” So a mantra is meant to protect and free your mind.

Meditating with mantras is actually super easy to do, and you do not need to be a master of…

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